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I have heard that folks aren’t all that interested in hearing about other people’s dreams, but last night I had a weird one and I am posting it here as much for myself as for public consumption.

I usually don’t recall my dreams as a whole piece. I will remember bits and pieces–the sensation of flying, the fact that I’m being followed by a vampire and WHY AM I NOT SCARED?? But this was fairly intact from beginning to end, so, here goes.

I’m on a plane. Literally. The jet is at cruising altitude, above the clouds, and I am outside, wrapped in a blanket, tethered in place, and hanging on. I think I’m nestled where the wing and body meet, but I’m not sure. I just see the endless blue overhead, the clouds beneath. I don’t feel the wind in my face, or the cold or vibration. I don’t see any windows, and have no clue whether anyone can see me or not. Someone has to be flying the jet, but I can’t see them. I’m alone.

Except for King. My dog, that passed away over two years ago. He’s lying on a dog bed, either atop the plane or gliding beside it. He seems pretty laid back, considering that he’s 35K feet above the ground with nothing holding him in place. Given that he was never the calmest dog in the world, it’s worth noting.

Time passes. Then for some reason I can’t recall, I untie the rope that’s holding me in place. I’m still wrapped in the blanket, but damn, I’m gripping whatever I can grip and holding on tight. Then I hear barking, and I look to my left and see that King has lost contact with the jet. He’s not falling, but drifting farther and farther away on his bed. He’s barking–I’m not sure if he’s afraid, or trying to get my attention, or what. I don’t know if I can find him, because I don’t know where the jet is going or when we’re going to land. I’m not panicked, though. Something in the back of my head tells me that I will be able to find him.

And that how it ends. I’ve lost my dog and my rope, but I’m still hanging on. I’m sure this somehow relates to things going on in my life right now. I’m contemplating changes and anticipating others, all of which will lead to some degree of upset. Funny, the way the brain deals with things like that.


In other news, I found I had a few overripe bananas in the fruit bowl. That could mean only one thing. BANANA BREAD. I fell back on my basic recipe, which is like the easiest thing ever. But along with being basic, it’s also incredibly forgiving and flexible, which gives me a chance to play.

This time, I was going to add chocolate chips and stop there. But then I remembered Aarón Sánchez’s Mexican Brownie recipe, which I had made before and liked. The main addition there is a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper, which adds just a touch of heat to the brownies. I decided what the heck, and gave it a try.

I didn’t stop there. In addition to the cayenne, I added about a 1/3 teaspoon ancho chili powder for smokiness. A teaspoon cinnamon because that works with just about everything. A teaspoon of espresso powder to boost the chocolate. About 2/3 cup bittersweet chocolate chips.

As usual, I used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose. This time, I used 1 cup whole wheat + 1/2 cup white whole wheat, both King Arthur brand. I added an extra half-teaspoon baking soda to give the heavier dough a boost. And as always, more salt than was called for, about 1/3 teaspoon instead of a pinch. I’ve found that savory recipes often call for too much salt and sweet recipes for too little. You can cut back on sugar sometimes if you lean on the salt to boost flavors. Plus, you wind up with more varied flavors than simple sweetness. Plain ol’ sugar sweetness is boring at best and sickening at worst.

Anyway, I just had a piece, and it worked. A lighter crumb than you’d expect from a whole wheat quick bread. The heat is subtle–it takes a few bites to build, then hangs around until the end. The espresso boosts the chocolate, and overall there’s a nice, deep, full flavor. As usual, the banana flavor is pretty much buried, but I make this recipe so often that I need to mix it up every once in a while. Besides, I eat a banana most every morning with breakfast. I know what they taste like.

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May. 19th, 2013 11:37 am
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They’re everywhere, which is a good thing. Some have the yellow-and-black striped body I’m familiar with, but others are shiny black. Did a quick search and found a page describing all the different markings. Never realized there were so many.

The ones I’ve seen look solid black, which means they could be one of the Cuckoo varieties. But to be honest, they were all moving at the time of observation and I was reluctant to get too close because, well, BEE! They could also be part of Color Group 1. I’m just glad to see them buzzing around all the apple blossoms, the hanging basket petunias, the tiny holly flowers.

It is warm. Cool breeze, but the sun is making its presence felt. Last week, I wore a heavy sweatshirt when I took Gaby for her walk, and had to keep wiping my eyes because the chill breeze made them tear. Today, I wore a light t-shirt under a light jacket, and was glad I did because halfway through I took off said jacket and tied it around my waist. Even Gaby ran out of gas, which is a first. We made it as far as the lake. Saw a few boats, a yacht and a couple of smaller cabin cruisers. A speed boat. There was a haze over the water. Not much wave.

Out on the deck now, under the brollie, with iced lemon water close at hand. The hardwoods are finally starting to leaf out. The honey locust. After a short nap and some water, Gaby is alternating dashing about the yard and lying beside my chair and resting up in preparation for more dashing. A dog of her weight and approximate age–almost 6 1/2 we think–she is supposed to be around 42 in human years, but I don’t see it.

It’s the first summer without King. He hated buzzing–flies, bees–and would either try to snap the offending insect out of the air or tuck tail and seek shelter in the deck Dogloo. Once all was clear, he would lie by the gate and watch the street. The guardian.

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T-storms last night and this morning. Rumbles. King would have been pacing, pawing me, trying to climb onto the bed. He hated thunder. Over the last few years, he even grew restless as the pressure changed.

Gaby…sleeps. Unless it rumbles hard enough to rattle the house, she pretty much ignores storms.

It’s strange, getting used to not having to do certain things because King is no longer around. No more emptying tissues and paper towel out of the open-top trash cans so he wouldn’t eat them. No more lowering the toilet lid to keep him from drinking. Last week, I put the pale green and white bedspread on the bed–King would always brush against the edges of bedspreads when he followed me around the room, and his hair really showed up on anything light-colored.

Yeah, I know. Trying to keep dog hair off the bed–what was I thinking?

I can even contemplate switching out the lava rock in the backyard for wood mulch. King used to love to chew on anything wood, and whenever he had a stomach upset he would eat anything to try to quell the burning, including mulch. Gaby’s not a wood eater.

Bladder capacity, however, is another matter. I have to make sure to set out the pads before I leave for any period of time because little Miss Teaspoon-and-a-Half sometimes can’t hold it for more than a couple of hours….

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It’s been almost a week since King passed. Time goes so quickly.

I was picking through photographs, and found my favorite picture of him. Dad was still alive, which means it was taken in Fall 2001 or 2002, which in turn means that King was either 8 months or a year and a half old. He was bounding around the backyard as Dad and I raked leaves. I was toting the camera in hopes of getting a good photo, and took a short break just as King decided to check out the pile I had just raked. He sniffed the leaves, then plopped down in the middle of them and stayed there as they filled in around him.

Puppy in the leaves

Gaby seems fine–she’s eating, playful. Earlier in the week, she would hesitate and look around when I offered her a treat. It seemed to me that maybe she was wondering where King was. She doesn’t appear to be moping or quiet. I took her for a walk this morning, and she was so excited–nose to the ground the entire time…except when she spotted the deer. She really wanted to give chase.

Taking her to the boarding kennel for her temperament check tomorrow. She will be there for a good chunk of the day, which means I will be Solo Kris for the first time in months. I have plenty to do–errands, grocery shopping. The usual chores. But it’s going to feel weird.

I hope things go well. I would really like her to have the chance to play with other dogs every so often.

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Thanks to all of you for the kind words and good wishes.

Memories. King used to follow me all over the house. He would lie in the hallway so he could watch me make the bed or fold laundry, or lie in the dining room and watch me work in the kitchen. He’d lie flat with his head on the floor, and just Stare. Sometimes, I swear he snored. I think he was able to doze with his eyes open.

He used to dance around his toys and bark at them. A 115-pound dog doing a hop dance is quite a sight.

After he buried something in muddy ground, he would walk around with a big wodge of mud on the end of his nose.

Sometimes in the morning, I would wake up to find him standing in the bedroom doorway with his food bowl in his mouth. If that didn’t get me out of bed, he’d grab one of my slipper clogs and run off, in hopes that I would get out of bed and give chase and maybe even, hey, feed him.

Gaby seems okay, as far as I can tell. She spent a lot of time outside patrolling the yard, barking at the meter reader. She often refuses to eat if she isn’t comfortable or if things are off, but today she ate a small breakfast and a little bigger lunch. Saturday morning, I’m taking her to her usual boarding kennel for a temperament test. If she passes–and I will be really surprised if she doesn’t–I will be able to enroll her in daycare play dates with other dogs. I would like to do this a couple of times a week. I think it will be good for her. I know she must wonder where King is, and she’s a very social little girl in any case. She needs that stimulation, I think, so she doesn’t get bored or depressed.

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Mar. 3rd, 2013 08:10 pm
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He’s gone.

The day started fine. He was a little slow, but more old-slow than sick-slow. Then things went downhill, just as they did on the day he first presented. He seemed spacey. Stood as though something would break if he moved too quickly. His gums were pale.

I took him to the emergency clinic. He was bleeding in his belly. Opening him up again wasn’t an option.

I held him. Told him I loved him. Let him go.


March 28 2001 – March 3 2013

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Mar. 1st, 2013 08:13 pm
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King had his monthly check-up yesterday. Still doing okay.

He’s on Tylan to settle his gut, which is getting a little upset from the chemo. They give it to me as a loose powder, which I am pretty sure is spray-coated because it flows too easily to be untreated. Even with a coating, antibiotics can be nasty-tasting. I was able to get away with sprinkling the stuff on King’s food for a couple of months, but by Wednesday night, Himself has apparently had enough of that shit–he refused to eat his own dinner, contenting himself with Gaby’s leftovers and whatever stray crumbs he could find on the floor. So, when I picked up his new meds yesterday, I asked if they could have put the Tylan in capsules. Well, they don’t do that, but they did give me the capsules so I could fill them myself.

Powders can be a pain to load into capsules. I asked if they had any glassine paper, which can be folded into funnels and is slick enough to keep the powder from sticking. Well, they didn’t have any. But on the way home, I remembered that I had a box of non-stick foil in the kitchen. The non-stick side is slick as hell, and a small square worked great as a capsule-filler. I felt like I was in the lab again, filling capsules for stability studies.

Hockey. The Blackhawks. They’re going to have to lose sometime. But hopefully not tonight.

Time. How in hell can it be March already?

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Jan. 3rd, 2013 10:52 am
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Woke up kinda cloudy and early–as opposed to ‘bright and early’– to take King in for his monthly check-up. I was a little concerned about this one because he was scheduled for an ultrasound to check the state of his belly. The oncologist was on the lookout for developing lesions, or any other sign that the disease was progressing.

News was good–nothing unusual seen. One benign liver nodule, but no apparent malignancies. Given that, we just keep doing what we’re doing. Same drugs, same dosing regimen.

After nearly three months of treatment, King is showing a few side effects of the drugs. Occasional loose stool, which is the most common side effect–we’ll be giving him an antibiotic to treat that. He’s also shedding more than normal, with coat coming out in small clumps. The weather could explain it in part–he did always shed in the winter–but it is also something they see with one of the drugs he’s taking. His coat is still fairly thick and even–no bald spots. I will just brush him more frequently, and keep an eye on him.

They had to sedate him for the ultrasound–apparently belly rubs failed to calm him sufficiently so that he would lie still. They brought him back part of the way, but he still needed to be boosted into Kuro’s back seat. He’s now lying beside my chair in the dining room, sleeping it off. Definitely spacey-wacey. Blank stares, and a hind end that keeps wanting to lower to the floor.

Maintaining. Taking things as they come.

Posting will be light to nonexistent through the weekend–things to do. After the backlog clears, I want to look into sprucing up the site a bit–Twitter and FB links, maybe a new theme. No update yet on Jani ebooks. Working on a couple of angles, but so far, no progress to report.

Hope everyone’s New Year is off to a good start.

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Spam babble of the day: Accord stands out as the Coptis groenlandica which will jewelry this paper hearts with the earth.

Over at Lisa Mantchev’s website, Lisa has posted about her experiments with Ina Garten’s Ultimate Ginger Cookie recipe. Her apotheotic–is that a word/it is now–recipe involves soaking the ginger in bourbon for at least an hour, the result being her Boozy Woozy Timey Wimey cookies. I liked the sound of that, but alas I have no bourbon. I do, however, have dark rum. The ginger has been soaking since yesterday afternoon and the level of the rum has dropped a bit, which implies soakage. I will be baking later in the week, Thursday or Friday. I will post pictures.

King update: you still wouldn’t know he’s sick. He’s bouncy. Eating well. Barking at me when he wants his foods, dammit–I’m never fast enough. Likes to be outside in the cool. At his last checkup, his liver enzyme results came in just a hair above normal. He has a follow-up on Jan. 3 that will include an ultrasound to see how things look. The oncologist told me that it will just tell us where we’ve been, not where we’re going. Yes, I know. But right now, we’re at happy, bouncy, and eating, and that’s all good.

Snow. We haven’t had any yet. It’s been 288 days since measurable snow fall around here, which is a record. However, we are supposed to get hit on Thursday into Friday with anywhere from 1-5 inches. On the other hand, if the snow line twitches, we could wind up with rain instead. I wouldn’t mind a little snow. Snow means clean puppy feet. Rain means mud.

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Kill Bill Vol 2 soundtrack in the background, that slow, dreamy version of “She’s Not There.”

I have doors and windows open, and it’s December 2. Temps hit the 50s yesterday. Then came nighttime rains. It is now off-and-on sunny and edging up on 60F. It won’t last, but I will take the opportunity to air out the house.

But oh hell, it’s December. I hope 2013 doesn’t fly past as quickly as 2012 has.

King appears to be doing well, fingers oh so crossed. He’s peppy, and his appetite is great. He’s moving better thanks to the Meloxicam. He’s also on a new joint supplement called Dasequin. He had been on Glyco-Flex 3 for years, but the oncologist recommended Dasequin and given the struggles King was experiencing with his hips I decided to switch him. Don’t know if it’s helping in addition to the NSAID, but he’s getting up more easily and running a bit more. He has a check-up on Thursday, and I’m hoping his bloodwork results match what I’m seeing.

That said, I know how quickly things can flip from “all’s well” to “oh shit”, so I’m just keeping a watchful eye.

Gaby, meanwhile, is her own Gaby self. The mouse body count continues to rise.

Excavated leftover pot roast from the deep freeze, so a decent dinner will be had without my needing to do much more than warm things up. Time to get some work done.

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Saturdays are always busy. I try to cram two days worth of stuff into one day, grocery shopping and errands and laundry and odd chores. Cooking for the week. Today’s items, ginger cookies and meatloaf.

I had tickets for Amanda Palmer’s sold-out show at Metro this evening, but by this afternoon I knew it wasn’t going to happen–legs and back were achy and every time I sat down I drifted off. Coffee and ibuprofen helped, but not enough that I felt like braving Saturday night Wrigleyville traffic. I’ll probably be sorry I missed the show, but the timing just didn’t work out.

King had his second checkup this week. CBC and liver function. Everything looks good–no inflammation, anemia, or other side effects of the chemo. Liver enzymes still high, but down to half what they were pre-surgery. The doctor twitched King’s med schedule a bit, and prescribed something for his stiff hip that really seems to be helping. He’s doing about as well as possible given the circumstances.

He was a character. The nurse took him to the examination area to draw blood–a few minutes later, I heard barking that sounded familiar. The doctor was smiling when she came out to talk to me–yes, King was the barker. They had him tied on an extended lead, and he walked around the room and barked at them when they talked to him. He has become very vocal in his old age.

They like him. That makes me happy.

Today we had near-record warmth, and tonight the wind is roaring. Possible snow showers on Monday. Trying not to think about it.

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Nov. 5th, 2012 09:07 pm
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I can’t keep up with the changes over at Madame Agent’s critique auction for Sandy relief. We’re currently looking at the possibility of 4 critiques, with 4 folks donating $1500 each. Tune in tomorrow to see how it all shakes out.

King had a restless couple of hours this evening that I think was caused by an upset stomach. He seemed fine when I came home. I admit that I did give him a couple of biscuits, a new brand that might not have agreed with him. After a few minutes, the restlessness hit–he paced, drank water, and wanted to go outside. He went to the bathroom. He seemed anxious and a little clingy.

I had to give him his chemo tablets, so I did. I also gave him 10mg famotidine in case he had heartburn. I then fed him some chicken breast and rice. He remained restless for another half hour or so. Then he finally settled. He’s sleeping now.

I, on the other hand, am now the one feeling restless and edgy.

When I take King in for his next follow-up, I am going to ask about the best way to handle an upset stomach. I’d like to have something on hand to give him when it hits.

I hate when something like this happens now because I worry that it could snowball.

I need a cookie.

In other news, I just watched two minutes of STAR WARS–Episode 3. It was all I could take.

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Nov. 3rd, 2012 03:12 pm
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A reminder that my agent, Jenn Jackson, is offering a critique (partial novel ms, up to 50 manuscript pages) in exchange for a Hurricane Sandy relief donation to the Red Cross. The current high bid is $1000, which is awesome. If this is something you’re interested in, please check out Jenn’s guidelines/preferred genres, and maybe give it a shot. Bidding ends at 5pm EST on Monday 5 November.

In other news, it was a Drivey McDriverson day for me. Took the pups to the regular vet–Gaby for her heartworm test, and King for his Adequan shot. Given how the last month has gone, I had my fingers crossed for Gaby’s test result even though we were mosquito-lite this summer and her coat is so thick that the little buzzy bastards would have needed miners’ gear to get to her skin. Lucky for us both, results were negative.

Took the pups home, then bashed off to run errands–post office, gas station, pet supplies big box for pup food, then grocery store for my food. This was the grocery store with the good fish, which is way the hell away from the pet supplies big box. Tollway time. Almost 60 miles round trip, which is a lot of driving for me on a weekend.

Lunch was sautéd sockeye salmon (say that 3x fast) with sautéd spinach and kale and some couscous. Broke out the Ghost Hill pinot noir blanc. Bit fancy for a Saturday, but it’s been a month, dammit.

King continues okay. He acts like an old dog, not a sick dog–a little slow in the mornings, sleeping a bit more, stiff in the hips. But he still loves to eat and bark at the mailman. Still plays with Gaby after dinner. Still acts like King the Love Sponge–pet me, love me, and you may kiss my nose. Let that continue.

In other news, we get our phantom hour back tonight! I missed that thing. Took me weeks to adjust when we lost it last spring.

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Vacation day. Hah!

Took King to his 8am doctor’s appointment, with Gaby along for the ride. Managed to get lost on the way there, which one would think would be impossible considering how many times I have managed to find the place in the middle of the night (it’s also the E-vet hospital).

Backtracked. Found a cross street. Thanked heaven for the day I decided to have the compass/rearview mirror retrofitted into Kuro–that damn compass has bailed me out more times than I can count. Called the hospital to let them know I would be a little late. FOUND THE RIGHT STREET!!!!!

Only three minutes late. No worries.

King just had a CBC today. Results were normal, which was good news. His appetite is really good, and he’s active as usual. Recheck in 2 weeks.

Gaby remained in the car during all this. She was able to see me from her vantage point in the front seat, and she just sat and watched.

Brought the pups home and fed them. Then it was off to grocery shop. I had decided to make some veggie chili, and found a recipe that used a base of three types of chilis–sweet, hot, and fruity. I found pasilla and anaheim peppers for the fruity and sweet. I couldn’t find any of the hot varieties recommended–Arbol, cascabel–so I settled for plain ol’ jalapeño.

Took liberties. I added a package of while shoepeg corn because I like corn in veggie chili. Added black beans as well as garbanzo and kidney. Didn’t have masa to thicken, so I added some corn grits as the chili cooked. I think it worked–stuff’s thick.

To be honest, I consider it more a very hearty bean soup with some heat. But it’s tasty, and it’s 8 meals in the freezer.

After two days of unseasonable warmth and rain, we now are being treated to chill. Highs in the 40s for the next week–all the leaves are down, and I’ve heard rumors of snowflakes on Tuesday.

An okay day. Kitchen busy. The only hitch came when Gaby put paid to another squirrel. I saw pretty much the whole thing. The dumb squirrel was trapped on the deck. Managed to make it to the small crabapple trees in the middle of the yard. Unfortunately, it couldn’t make the leap to the nearest oak, so it tried to dash across the lawn.

It didn’t make it.

I didn’t see Gaby grab it. I had ducked inside to get a leash so I could catch her and drag her away; by the time I got out, she had gotten it. At least it was quick. I ordered Gaby off, and disposed of the remains.

I know they’re just rats with fuzzy tails. It still upsets me a little.

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The oncologist phoned yesterday with King’s baseline labs. Everything’s fine except for the liver, which stands to reason. A couple of values are elevated, possibly from the disease or a hangover from surgery. I told him that King is eating well and is bouncy–to look at him, you wouldn’t think he was sick. The doctor was glad to hear it. The goal is to keep King at this point for as long as we can.

King spoils easy. A dog that gets his nose kissed on a regular basis and receives cookies for the asking is a dog that gets very, very used to ALL THE ATTENTION.

Oh well.

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Took King to see the oncologist this morning. We’re going to try chemo.

Without treatment, the prognosis was about 2 months, give or take. If treatment successfully holds things at bay, we could stretch things out as far as 6-8 months, with 6 months being the usual length of survival with successful treatment. There’s always the chance that the two drugs we will be using–tablets, given on alternate days–may sicken King or not help. We will be monitoring, and will revisit if issues occur.

I have to at least try.

The surgeon cleared KIng for his usual activities–no more movement or Gaby restrictions. I also was cleared to resume his gall bladder and thyroid meds. The surgeon thought that holding off on the thyroid med might have led to King’s lack of energy, at least in part. I dosed him when we got home, and within a few hours he was pretty much his old self. I don’t know whether that was the sole reason for his perking up, but I’ll take it. At least that was something I could fix.

I spent the rest of the day running around like an idiot. Picking up King’s meds. Grocery shopping. I also wanted something decorative for the outside to celebrate fall, but dammit it’s all Christmas stuff already. I didn’t want a pot o’ mums, because they could die if we get hit with frost. I finally managed to find a wibble-wobble metal scarecrow that I can stick in the planter. He’ll hold the fort until the day after Thanksgiving, which is the soonest that I would put out the reindeer, penguin, etc.

I just want to get through this year. Everything else is gravy.

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Oct. 5th, 2012 08:49 pm
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The surgeon called me with the test results, which confirmed what we feared. King does have hemangiosarcoma, which likely migrated from his spleen. The first consult with the oncologist is next Friday–the surgeon told me that he had already discussed King with him.

King had a decent day today. His appetite has improved by leaps and bounds since Tuesday–he ate three meals of rice, cooked chicken breast, and some of his dry & canned food. He’s still drinking a fair amount of water. Sleeping/dozing a good part of the day. He seems comfortable.

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At home this morning. Had some company in the dining room for a while:

He seems better. Moving slow, but more alert. Wanted to explore the backyard a little when I took him out to do his business. Appetite seems to be returning. Things did get interesting last night when he drank a little too much water a little too quickly and upchucked in the dining room. I phoned the e-clinic and spoke with the doctor. Withheld food and most water, checked the site of the incision, and just watched. Luckily, the patient settled down, and slept through the night.

One day at a time. Cliche, but so appropriate.

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King is home. He’s totally zonked on tramadol, and was drinking water like mad, partly because of nerves and partly because the tramadol. He hadn’t eaten before I brought him home, which might also be due to the tramadol. I need to give him his next dose soon, so I hope he’s in the mood for a little cheese. Otherwise, I will have to toss pills down his throat and I hate doing that.

I hate tramadol. It seems to be the pain reliever of choice for dogs, but it upsets King’s stomach and whoozies him out. The dose I gave him for his arthritis was bad enough, but this dose is 2x larger and more frequent. The surgeon said I can taper it fairly quickly and I think I will. I’m not sure it’s helping if King keeps burping and refusing to eat.

King rode home in Kuro’s hatchback, which was a first. But it had more room than the backseat, as well as a more stable ledge for support of the ramp I bought a few years ago to use if/when he could no longer jump onto the backseat. King doesn’t like the ramp, and has refused to use it in the past. But today he really wanted out of the car, and he wobbled down while I supported him from the side. I was prepared to ask my neighbor to help lift him out, but I’m glad it worked out this way. Didn’t have to grab him around his belly.

He’ll have to wear the cone for the next couple of weeks. He and Gaby can’t play.

He’s sleeping now. He ate a couple of nibbles of hamburger meat. A few hypoallergenic biscuits. He refused everything else. I will try a little rice with broth later.

Biopsy results early next week.

On the discharge summary, the surgeon wrote that he’s “an outstanding boy!”

I know.

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King update

Oct. 1st, 2012 05:27 pm
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Thank you all for your good wishes. Unfortunately, the news isn’t good. King had his spleen and part of his liver removed–the bleeding resulted from a tumor in his liver that ruptured.

The surgeon was able to remove the portion of the liver with the rupture. There were other tumors in his liver, too many to remove them all. We don’t know whether they originated in his spleen–spleen cancer is common in large dogs, liver, not so much–or in the liver itself, and may not know until the biopsy results come in at the end of the week. At that point, I will meet with the oncologist and discuss treatment options. Odds are that the options will be palliative only.

King came through surgery okay. He’s at the hospital tonight. Depending on how well he responds to pain meds and how he’s doing overall, he may come home as soon as tomorrow afternoon. I will then need to figure out care options because he can’t be alone with Gaby during that time as he is on reduced activity for the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

I discussed day job things with my manager. We’ll work something out. It’s been a day for working things out.

Thank you for your good wishes. My poor guy needs them.

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Update: Thank you, everyone.

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