Dec. 17th, 2015 01:19 pm
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Not much going on in Kristine Smith land. I did post over at the BookView Café blog about the doggy DNA testing I had performed in order to find out Gaby’s mix. Suffice to say, I was surprised at the results.

It’s Alex Gordon work for the next week as I deal with JERICHO copyedits. Holiday prep will take place as well. So far, the weather has made it feel most unChristmassy. It’s around 30F now and blustery, but it’s possible that it may warm to the 50s and maybe even the 60s next week. No white Christmas.

I took a break from copyedits to bake cookies yesterday. Ina Garten’s Oatmeal-Raisin-Pecan, with added chai spice and toasted coconut. Whole wheat flour and wheat germ instead of white all-purpose. Have one–they’re great with coffee or tea.

Oatmeal raisin pecan toasted coconut whole wheat chai. Good cookies.

Oatmeal raisin pecan toasted coconut whole wheat chai. Good cookies.


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Still alive. Currently revising JERICHO, a book by Alex Gordon, aka My Alter Ego. In a little over two weeks, both of us will be at Thrillerfest X in NYC. Looking forward to meeting folks, meeting with my editor, and maybe getting out of the hotel and checking out a few food trucks. Given how much will be going on, getting away may prove difficult, but I will try.

Not much else to report besides the usual–working, cooking, baking, losing the never-ending battle with weeds. For a change of pace, here’s a photo of Gaby exploring the very edge of Lake Michigan.

Gaby meets the Lake

Gaby meets the Lake

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There's a deer in there somewhere

There’s a deer in there somewhere

Defrosted lake

Defrosted lake



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Mud season

Mar. 19th, 2014 12:17 pm
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‘Tis the season where I have to towel off Gaby’s feet before letting her in the house. Except today we awoke to rain, which added in with temps above freezing for several days in a row and the resulting thaw and someone named Gaby’s overwhelming desire to bury something…

MUD. I mean, paws like snowshoes except snowshoes made of MUD. I tried toweling them off. Then I tried wet paper towels. Then dipping paws in a pan filled with warm water.

I finally gave up and bundled Gaby into the tub. Directed the detachable shower head at her paws, and marveled at the never-ending stream of filth. Dried Gaby off, then cleaned the tub. The floor. Bundled towels into the washer. Vacuumed.

I should learn to ignore the muddy footprints until they dry, at which point I can vacuum the resulting fine dirt. But then I need to put up with a floor dotted with paw prints, like a canine Marauders Map.

I will have to admit that once I got Gaby into the tub, she stood still like a good girl, and needed to be urged to jump out so I could dry her off. I gave her a cookie. She is dozing on the couch now, where she will remain until July.

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Feb. 18th, 2014 03:04 pm
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…it has been a while.

Not much to report. Snow every few days, followed by shoveling. Bouts of cabin fever. 4-5 inches of weighty powder fell yesterday. Today, however, temps have reached the 40s(F), and there is sun. Stuff is dripping off the roof. I went out and got a massage, then had lunch. Amazing how revitalizing even a hint of Spring can be.

Gaby’s outside now, curled up atop a snowbank. Other times, she lurks beneath the bird feeder and waits for a squirrel to make a mistake. She’s nailed at least 5 that I know of since the first of the year. Buries them in the snow. I expect I will encounter them as the snow melts, unless night critters scavenged them.

Yukon Gaby

She is a Winter Dog. I let her outside yesterday before the snowing and blowing began, and after it started, she still did not want to come in. Instead, she curled up in the snow. I had to go out and leash her to get her inside.

In other news:


…because I am 12 yo again. And because Loki. And because we need a Black Widow movie, Marvel.

Fave song of the moment: After the Disco–Broken Bells. I have it on repeat on iTunes.

It’s a Spring song.

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Stuffing made. Put it in roast pan, then buried the turkey breast within. Popped it all in the fridge to marinate until tomorrow afternoon.

It’s a savory bread pudding, heavy on the sage and onion. Also, celery. A handful of chopped parsley. Bay leaves. Herbes de Provence. One loaf of dense white bread and a box of TJ’s cornbread stuffing mix sans seasoning packet. To this amount of bread, I added a half-gallon of liquid–one quart chicken stock plus one quart 2% milk. A stick of butter. Four eggs. Salt and pepper.

Not a fan of dry stuffing, me.

The house smells good.

I wanted to fix the dessert today as well, but Gaby decided to make life interesting. She was outside–I was just getting started in the kitchen when I heard her barking in that loud, rapid-fire way that meant that either someone was in the driveway or something had invaded the backyard. Sure enough, I found her dashing around the ornamental crabapples in the middle of the yard while a squirrel darted back and forth from one treetop to the other. I tried to grab Gaby and failed just as the squirrel leapt to the ground and tried to make it to the oak on the far side of the yard. It didn’t make it–Gaby grabbed it, and a battle ensued. Squirrel would break away, only to be caught again. It finally ended squirrel lying on the ground and Gaby walking off, blood dripping from her mouth. I leashed her and pulled her into the house, then called the vet’s office. Yup, they were still open and yup, they could fit me in. Before we headed to the car, I went out to check the squirrel, and was relieved to see it move when I drew close. It headed toward the oak, favoring its rear leg. Last I saw, it was climbing slowly.

I know–they’re just rats with cute tails. Still, I’d prefer to not be the one who has to dispose of the remains.

Anyway. I was concerned that Gaby might need stitches, but by the time we got to the vet’s, she had stopped bleeding. No injuries were visible except for some claw marks on her nose. She ate a cookie that the vet gave her. I brought her home, and she ate dinner as though nothing happened. She kept wanting to go outside, though. I would check on her, and find her sniffing around the crabapples. My little killer.

I’ll make dessert tomorrow morning.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! May you enjoy good food and good company. And a lack of squirrels.

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…of a squirrel, that barely missed becoming breakfast for a hawk.

Morning walk with Gaby. We had just entered the park when I saw the swoop-and-flurry. Squirrel dashing across open space and walkway toward safety of tree while hawk pursued and squirrel’s buddy brought up the rear, chattering and in general trying to disrupt the proceedings. It worked–hawk had to veer off to avoid hitting the tree, and the squirrel buddies dashed up into the safety of the dense leaves. They were still chittering when Gaby and I passed.

Made a circuit of the park and neighborhood. Spotted the hawk on the way back. It landed in a large oak and tried to settle in, but a couple of smaller birds drove it off and forced it to a different branch. Looked as though it hadn’t found breakfast yet. Rough morning.

It’s hotter than I thought it would be, and muggy. Showered after we got home. Straightened the kitchen. Time to work now.

Talked to neighbor on the way back. He had promised me fresh peaches a couple of months ago–today he said they’re getting close.

A fresh peach. Yanno, I don’t think I’ve ever had one. If he gives me enough, I may look up a tart recipe. Maybe chutney. Then of course, there are the ripe ones that you eat whilst standing over the sink because they’re so damn juicy.

In other news, Gaby got skunked the other night. That makes three times this summer. The groomer said that it’s been the Summer of the Skunk–she’s had 7-8 deskunkings in the last two weeks.

This skunk was eating the bird seed that had fallen out of the feeder. It didn’t return last night, so I am hoping that all the ruckus of being barked at and chased off will make it think twice about coming back. Depends how hungry it gets, I suppose.

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Saw one of these during the morning walk. I need to take my camera on these jaunts.

Herself got skunked last night. A minor assault, as these things go, but enough to make her rub her face in the grass for a few minutes. Luckily, I had bought a bottle of Nature’s Miracle after friends raved about it. Managed to get rid of the worst of the stink. I will still try to get her to the groomers this week, though. There’s always that last bit of whiffage that I can’t get out no matter what I do.

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One of those mornings when you could just walk forever. After all the heat we muddled through, now we’ve got coolth. 60s today. Maybe 70F tomorrow. A nice change of pace, but strange. With the heavy cloud and stiff breeze angling off the lake, it feels more like early fall than midsummer.

Looong walk this morning through the state park with the Gabster, around a small lake and up to the shore of the big one. Lake Michigan was active thanks to the breeze, but not choppy–I could see a few sailboats in the distance. The fields and marshy areas were well and truly filled with wildflowers, grasses, shrubs. Saw many birds. Some geese on the small lake. A few deer.

Gaby loves morning walks. After we got home, she let fly with a bout of the Zooms, dashing around in circles and leaping off the deck.

Grocery shopping accomplished. Lunch consisted of sliced turkey on a whole-grain roll with white cheddar, roasted red pepper. Warmed it in the oven to melt the cheese, then topped it with sharp mustard and lettuce. Had it with some Trader Joe’s cheddar & horseradish potato chips, which had a nice, strong bite. Once again, was forced to admit that most of the time, I make a much better sandwich than anything I could get in a deli. It’s just basic assembling the bits, nothing special. But the ingredients are pretty much the same as those from a deli, and I can tweak whatever I want.

I’d like to think I’m getting cheap in my old age, but then a sharp pair of earrings pops up online, and so much for the money I saved making my own sandwiches.

First tomatoes harvested, a trio of the Juliet grape. I think I picked them too early–they were sweet, but a little firm and lacking depth. I think I’ll leave the rest of the red ones on the vine for a few more days.

In other news…well, I have to admit that I am behind in movie watching. Way behind. Waaaay behind. Just saw Skyfall a few weeks ago. Haven’t seen Iron Man 3, or the Avengers. So I pretty much read what everyone else posted online and figured that I’d get around to it eventually. Read all the fuss about Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Thought he looked cool in the costume. Saw the Comicon video that’s been making the rounds. Xfinity On Demand doesn’t have The Avengers yet, but it did have Thor, so I watched it last night.

Okay. I get the fuss over Loki. I totally get it.

Last week at the day job coming up. 2 and a half more days….

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Actually, a sit-by, as I’m sitting in my cool–in temp, not decor–living room, trying out my new headphones. Bose, not the noise-canceling ones, but the next lower model. A rewards gift from my credit union credit card. Really comfy.

I love my credit union.

Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. I do like that movie, but someone refresh my memory–are there any Spielberg films where women are more than ancillary screamers/dead weight for the hero?

Hot, sorta. Mid 80s. Too hot for the Gabster–I took her to her daycare place for their monthly Saturday get-together, and after a few minutes trotting about, she wedged beneath the bench I was sitting on and stayed put. After a little less than an hour, I gave up and brought her home. She’s currently outside, in the shade/cool grass, sacked out. She’ll perk up this evening, after the sun goes down.

Just saw a trailer for Red 2. That’s it–wanna go see Helen Mirren blow shit up.

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One of those muggy mornings where you need a shower after taking the pup for a walk.

My view, most mornings.

My view, most mornings.

Busy weeks ahead. Not sure when I will post again. But I will be with you in spirit.

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Just returned from the morning Gaby walk. I could tell she’d had enough because as soon as she got inside the house, she sprawled on the cool hardwood. It’s not particularly warm yet, thanks to movement of air from over the lake, but it is humid and the sun is a June sun. If one is wearing a black jacket, said jacket is soon removed and tied about the waist.

Saw a couple of deer. It’s funny to watch Gaby as she becomes aware that Something is out there. The parkland grasses are high enough now that she can’t see overtop them, so she doesn’t catch movement right away. But she hears something, so she will stop and perk and listen. Then, if the air movement is right, she will catch a scent in the air–then she will pace, stand up on her hind legs to look over the grass. Then it’s nose to the ground and sniff sniff sniff.

If she actually catches sight of whatever, she will often try to take off after it. At these times, I am glad that I have her in a harness attached to King’s old 120-lb limit extend-a-lead. I also realize why 35-40 pound huskies** are capable of pulling sleds across vast icy wastelands. Little suckers got pull.

**according to DNA testing performed back in ’08, Gaby is part husky. Some vets scoff at the results, but others see it in her tail, coat, and certain behaviors.

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May. 19th, 2013 11:37 am
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They’re everywhere, which is a good thing. Some have the yellow-and-black striped body I’m familiar with, but others are shiny black. Did a quick search and found a page describing all the different markings. Never realized there were so many.

The ones I’ve seen look solid black, which means they could be one of the Cuckoo varieties. But to be honest, they were all moving at the time of observation and I was reluctant to get too close because, well, BEE! They could also be part of Color Group 1. I’m just glad to see them buzzing around all the apple blossoms, the hanging basket petunias, the tiny holly flowers.

It is warm. Cool breeze, but the sun is making its presence felt. Last week, I wore a heavy sweatshirt when I took Gaby for her walk, and had to keep wiping my eyes because the chill breeze made them tear. Today, I wore a light t-shirt under a light jacket, and was glad I did because halfway through I took off said jacket and tied it around my waist. Even Gaby ran out of gas, which is a first. We made it as far as the lake. Saw a few boats, a yacht and a couple of smaller cabin cruisers. A speed boat. There was a haze over the water. Not much wave.

Out on the deck now, under the brollie, with iced lemon water close at hand. The hardwoods are finally starting to leaf out. The honey locust. After a short nap and some water, Gaby is alternating dashing about the yard and lying beside my chair and resting up in preparation for more dashing. A dog of her weight and approximate age–almost 6 1/2 we think–she is supposed to be around 42 in human years, but I don’t see it.

It’s the first summer without King. He hated buzzing–flies, bees–and would either try to snap the offending insect out of the air or tuck tail and seek shelter in the deck Dogloo. Once all was clear, he would lie by the gate and watch the street. The guardian.

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It’s sunny! And warm…ish. Lo 60s, which feels like 80F if you move around. Bought petunia baskets for the deck and begonias for the front yard planter–the petunias are deep magenta/magenta-white stripe, while the begonias are lovely shades of melon, pink, and vermilion. I also bought a backpack sprayer to apply the organic weed stuff, and a cartridge for the kitchen faucet, which is dripping on and off. The lawn is on tap for tomorrow, because you need to spray the stuff before things sprout. Normally, I would have done this in March/April, but it’s been cold here. Forsythia are finally blooming, and I am used to seeing that in, hey, March/April.

Took Gaby to an Open House at the kennel where she goes for daycare. She dashed about in the sun, then went up to selected individuals and rolled over for tummy rubs. The heat got to her after that–she is a cold weather dog–and she repaired to the shade and watched other dogs rough and tumble about. Crazy retrievers.

Puppy play date

Puppy play date

Shade Gaby

Best lunch ever–leftover grilled salmon, arugula salad w/ lemon juice and olive oil. Glass of chard. I will now either plant begonias or try to start the lawn mower. Maybe both.

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It’s been a good weekend. Brainstorming with other writers–I don’t get enough of that in my life.

Took a break on Sunday afternoon. Dropped by C2E2, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, for the day. Finally met online pals in person– Anne Bishop and Colleen Lindsay. Also met a passel of UF authors: Kerry Schafer, Christina Henry, Amber Benson, and Alex Hughes. Ran into Alex Bledsoe in passing, in that way one does. The Brownian motion of a convention.

I also committed Leather in the forms of a rustic handbag and a bound journal. I really, really shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a dealers room.

And I got to shake Peter Davison’s hand. He was seated in the autograph booth next to Anne and Co, and I told him I had been a fan since the Tristan Farnon days.

Gaby managed to complicate matters by once more refusing to eat. But. I had packed her food bowl, and on Saturday the folks taking care of her gave it a try. Well, Herself ate. Not everything, not at first. But by this morning, she was munching a reasonable amount. I fed her an hour or so after we got home, and she ate her usual dinner amount. She’s sacked out on the couch now. Poor exhausted girl. She was groomed, and came home with a little neckerchief and a bow on her butt.

"I have a bow on my butt."

“I have a bow on my butt.”

Serves her right.

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Apr. 20th, 2013 03:35 pm
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It’s going too fast, but that’s life in general, isn’t it?

The house smells good. I had dug some round and flank steak out of the freezer and threw together some not-quite-beef-bourguignon. Sort of followed this recipe–I just lacked carrots, button mushrooms, or pearl onions, and I was supposed to use chuck, not round or flank. But I did have dried porcini mushrooms. So I soaked them in beef broth and added them.

Verdict? To a complete lack of surprise to some of you, I’m sure, the meat came out dry. There’s a reason one needs a stew-friendly, fatty cut of beef for this recipe. Lesson learned. At least I have plenty of sauce left–if I mince the meat and add barley, I’ll have a decent soup.

Had it with some leftover not-quite-colcannon, which consisted of halved Brussels sprouts and fingerling potatoes fried with lotsa onion and a little fresh thyme. That came out surprisingly well. Tasted good cold or warm, especially earlier this week when added to tuna, wilted spinach, and mustard-caper vinaigrette for a not-really-salad-nicoise.

Yes, I do often make it up as I go along. And sometimes, like today, I pay a price.

Sunny this morning, but chilly. High 30s. Long walk with Herself along the wooded trail. Signs of the week’s heavy rains abound. Mushy ground. Standing water. Grooves cut into the ground by fast-flowing water. Much of the water flowed east, toward the wetlands, which was a great place for it. Marsh life may do well this year as a result. I have seen cranes fly over. Heard them, too. Honk, honk.

There’s a different sort of goose hanging with the Canadas that congregate at the nearby park . Not a swan. Looked a little like these guys. Snow goose? Whatever it is, I hope that it finds some of its own. The Canadas seem to have accepted having it around, but come breeding time it may find life a little lonely.

On the way home, Gabster and I walked through the neighborhood. A couple of homes had deer figurines, large and tiny, in their front yards. Gaby would stiffen as soon as she saw one, and try to approach it until the stillness or lack of smell or something told her that they weren’t real deer. Such a huntress.

Looking forward to a long weekend in the city next week. I will drop by C2E2 for one day, my first comicon. A massage and tea at the Drake may also happen, though not at the same time. Got a little black dress for tea. Big girl shoes, which I will carry in my purse and put on in the lobby because they are about as stable as a toothpick bridge in a gale. They’re not even that high–kitten heels. 2 inches, maybe? It’s the style. Shoes made for sitting and sipping.

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T-storms last night and this morning. Rumbles. King would have been pacing, pawing me, trying to climb onto the bed. He hated thunder. Over the last few years, he even grew restless as the pressure changed.

Gaby…sleeps. Unless it rumbles hard enough to rattle the house, she pretty much ignores storms.

It’s strange, getting used to not having to do certain things because King is no longer around. No more emptying tissues and paper towel out of the open-top trash cans so he wouldn’t eat them. No more lowering the toilet lid to keep him from drinking. Last week, I put the pale green and white bedspread on the bed–King would always brush against the edges of bedspreads when he followed me around the room, and his hair really showed up on anything light-colored.

Yeah, I know. Trying to keep dog hair off the bed–what was I thinking?

I can even contemplate switching out the lava rock in the backyard for wood mulch. King used to love to chew on anything wood, and whenever he had a stomach upset he would eat anything to try to quell the burning, including mulch. Gaby’s not a wood eater.

Bladder capacity, however, is another matter. I have to make sure to set out the pads before I leave for any period of time because little Miss Teaspoon-and-a-Half sometimes can’t hold it for more than a couple of hours….

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Ya-flippy dippin’-hoo.

Awoke around 8ish, and started getting prepped for a busy day of shopping and working when Gaby threw up on the hallway rug. Yellow liquid with foam. Good old bile, which had built up enough to irritate her tum because she hasn’t been eating enough.

She had yet to eat breakfast, and hadn’t eaten since Friday dinner, which was at 5pm. I fed her the canned duck food with the better consistency, and dressed it up with cooked chicken breast and dehydrated duck hearts. She did eat, but I had to add more hearts to get her to finish.

Took her for a long walk after. Everything stayed down, so I piled her into the car for our shopping trip.

There’s a newish pet food and supplies place in the small strip mall where I usually shop. I decided to check it out, and was happy to find a pretty extensive assortment of food that included a raw duck variety. I bought a sample bag, and gave Herself a few bits when we got home. She sniffed it for a minute or so–it’s a frozen variety, and even though it’s thawed before serving, it’s still colder than her usual food. Anyway, after she figured out what it was, she ate it. Licked the bowl clean, then hung around the kitchen as I put stuff away, coming close and sniffing every can and box. Welp. It was lunchtime anyway, so I gave her a half-cup more, which is one third the daily serving for a pup her size. After a few minutes, another clean bowl and additional sniffing around for more. I stopped there, though, because I didn’t want to overload her after a month of light eating.

I will get a little bit more of this stuff. If she still seems as enthusiastic, I will probably make the switch. Whether it’s upset over all the changes, missing King, food boredom, or all of the above, it doesn’t matter. She needs to eat more.

Hoping the balance of the weekend is nice and boring.

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Over on Facebook, I posted a link to a Roger Ebert essay on life, death, and things learned in between. I think it a courageous piece by someone who was staring mortality in the face. Lovely, in places. One line in particular stood out for me, a quote by van Gogh. “Just as we take a train to get to Tarascon or Rouen, we take death to reach a star.”

I’m not ready for the stars. I hope to put off that journey for a long time. But it’s a promise to ponder. Something to take out of my back pocket and examine, every so often.

That said, there has been altogether too much bad health news lately, touching people I know and people I’ve only heard of and read about. April has been living up to its reputation as the cruelest month, and it can stop it anytime now.

Gaby seems to be okay. Still not eating at pre-King levels. I had to take her to the vet’s on Monday for an inflamed foot; she was weighed, and looks to have lost a couple of pounds. 43.1, as opposed to the 45.0 she weighed back in August. Vet is not too concerned yet. Gaby could still afford to lose a little more weight–40 lbs would be a good weight for her. She’s playful, acting normally. I take her back in a month for a teeth-cleaning, and if she’s still off her feed and/or has lost too much weight, there will be blood tests, etc. Trying not to think about anything being wrong. She has been through a lot of change lately, and I honestly believe that she ate more when King was around because she knew that if she didn’t eat it, he would. She’s not a food-driven dog–she will eat when she’s hungry and not before, and if the food isn’t to her liking, she will pick. It could be that she’s tiring of the duck & sweet potato, and I will need to find her something else. Not looking forward to the possibility, but if I have to, I guess I will have to.

It’s still chilly, but the Time of Freeze seems to have passed, she said hopefully. Crocuses have bloomed, a little cluster of purple amid the brown. Lawn is greening here and there. Indoors, the sprouts are coming along. Tomatoes are an inch or so high. Basil, a bit shorter. No signs of life yet from the mesclun in the raised bed, but it has only been a week since I planted the seeds.

Looking forward to a long weekend in Chicago at month’s end. I will be spending a day at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Not on any panels–attendee only. It will be my first comics convention. No idea what to expect, but I will wear comfy shoes and bring my camera.

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Temps in the 30s today. Windy, cloudy, with a few flakes in the air. I spotted dandelion sprout around the honey locust, a ring of spring consisting of inch-high greenery, some of it frost-burned. Nothing on the east side of the yard yet, but that area is still under some snow. They’re calling for 50s by weeks end, which will likely mean 40s near the lake. I’ll take it, for now. So hungry for warmth, I can’t stand it. And greenery. Sick of brown and leafless.

Also spotted deer scat near some of my yew bushes, which look as though they have been chewed. I may need to spread some repellent. Also considering getting rid of the yews. I could replace them with planters that I would fill with something bright during the summer, like begonias. The area doesn’t get much sun, being a northern exposure, so plant varieties are limited and yews are a common fallback. But, they’re boring. So I will think about the planters, maybe calculate how much landscape brick I would need to build them. They would be pretty.

Gaby is still eating just enough and no more. I’ve tried chicken breast, and miss as often as I hit. Today, I tried bacon along with a bit of drippings, and garnered a little interest. She still has some padding around her ribs, so I probably shouldn’t worry yet. And it has been only three weeks since King. And she is still experiencing change, whether it’s trips to daycare or simply rides to the pet store big box. Her regular food had a consistency hiccup with the last lot–meat paste rather than moist burger. That hasn’t helped. I emailed the company to lodge a complaint, and did a search for other brands of duck-based canned food. They’re out there, but online places either want you to buy by the case, or charge so much for shipping that I wind up paying more for that than for the food itself. So, I found a couple of local, new-to-me stores that carry some of the brands. I’ll get hold of a can or two and have her try them. I want to have options in case she shows signs of going off the current brand entirely.

And yes, I know that raw may be an option, but I am reluctant to move Gaby away from duck until I know for sure that she won’t relapse into IBD hell.

No, her behavior hasn’t changed. She barks. She plays, both with me and at daycare. She just isn’t eating much.

She does enjoy her walks. If I take too long to eat breakfast in the morning, I am soon dealing with a head resting on my leg and tail-wagging wiggle butt. Once outside, she sniffs everything, marks the interesting stuff. Tried to give chase to some deer the other day, pulling and twisting the lead. I started fitting her with a harness after that–she has slipped out of a collar before, and if she ever took off after a deer, I doubt I would see her again. There are coyote in them thar woods.

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